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buckwheat pillows and heat bags

Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat Hulls have been used for many centuries in some Asian cultures.  It has only been introduced to North America in the past few decades as an alternative to the standard pillow fillers.  The buckwheat hull has many desirable qualities that make it an excellent choice as a comfortable, supportive and therapeutic pillow.  It contours and supports the head and neck in any sleeping position and maintains proper alignment of the neck and shoulders.

  • The seed from inside is removed and what's left is the outer shell which is what is used inside the pillow therefore it cannot be heated as it doesn't contain a the endosperm within the seed that holds moisture.
  • Because of their shape and smoothness, they shift and contour to the curves of your head, neck and shoulders filling in the spaces so your cervical spine is more aligned and relaxed.
  • It does not encourage dust mites - it's too hostile of an environment with the hulls shifting.  Another wonderful feature of the buckwheat pillow is that it regulates heat, making it both cooling or warming depending on one's preference.
  • Interestingly enough, buckwheat is not a part of the wheat family, it's from the rhubarb family of plant (polygonaceae).
  • The Standard and the Queen sizes are adjustable to add or remove hull according to your comfort needs.



Small / Travel   $30.00 + tax

Standard   $60.00 + tax

Queen   $80.00 + tax

Heat Bags

These bags are used extensively by Joshua in his clinic.  Our clients loved them so much that we had to make them available for everyone.  They hold heat for a looooong time!  There is the standard size heat bag ('The Baby'), the small size ('Hot Spot')  and the heat collar  ('Cozy Collar').  They come in beautiful, varying colours and textures, however, please note that the prints shown may not be available for purchase due to fabric availability.



Circle (small 11")   $35.00

Circle (large 13")   $40.00

Square (hand warmer)   $15.00 + tax


The Backbone

This buckwheat hull-filled pillow is a wonderful lounging bolster and a great portable pillow to have a better, more comfortable posture as you are driving.



Regular  $70

Long $75.00

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