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Join Joshua to learn ancient techniques from North America and South East Asia saving your body from unnecessary wear and tear.

All courses approved by the CMTBC.

Emphasizing small class sizes for quality education purposes.


I had just recently taken the MET for the cervical spine with Josh. I really appreciate that the class was small so we each got enough individual attention while learning the techniques. Josh also teaches the information well and makes it easy to comprehend and grasp the concepts. This is an in depth course with lots of information to learn. Thanks again. I hope Josh keeps adding courses to take. Well worth my time. 

Amber Rhiamon, RMT

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Table Thai Massage for the 

Lower Extremities (TTM)


Course Date:  Lower Extremities June 1st & 2nd, 2024

$700.00 (GST included)



Traditionally, Thai Massage is performed on a floor mat but many therapists have requested that the same approach is adapted to their treatment table. Some patients need more stretching to improve their functional mobility. In this style of manual therapy, the practitioner utilizes many different stretching, rocking, oscillating techniques, combined with special pressure points to help with mobility issues. Your patients will absolutely benefit from the techniques taught and as a bonus for discovering Thai Massage, you will find it easier on your body! This course is the 1st of 5 in the TTM Series.

Table Thai Massage for the 

Upper Extremities (TTM)


Course Date:  Upper Extremities  TBA, 2024

$700.00 (GST included)



This course is the continuation of the TTM Series. Your patients will absolutely benefit from the techniques taught in this section of the course. Personally, I turn to these techniques often and find that the patients fall asleep almost every time and feel better overall. An indispensable part of the total TTM experience. This course is the 2nd of 5 in the TTM Series.

Total Body Assessment (TBA)

Course Date:  TBA, 2024

$700.00 (GST included)



Learn how to perform a well organized full-body assessment and in time will become indispensable. Find out where the source of your patient's dysfunction is coming from and in which direction future treatments should go. You will receive admiration from your patients regarding your abilities. I have personally been using the Total Body Assessment for many years and rely on its application continuously. A wonderful course for the RMT who wishes to excel in their profession.


Cervical Spine Part I

Course Dates: July 6th & 7th, 2024

$700.00 (GST included)

A stiff neck may be within the top 3 complaints you will ever encounter. Treating the neck definitely takes a lot of skill, anatomy and arthrokinematic knowledge. Learn how to assess, treat, and approach this complaint with a treatment plan. Many patients will also notice other positive therapeutic benefits when their stiff neck is addressed. This course is the 1st of 3.

Lumbar Spine Part I

Course Dates: TBA, 2024

$700.00 (GST included)


Visceral Manipulation Part I

Foundations (incl. Liver & Gall Bladder)

Course Dates: June 22nd & 23rd, 2024

$700.00 (GST included)

Organ systems are always involved as to why people feel as they do. Learn how to properly assess and treat the liver, gallbladder and stomach. Becoming proficient in Visceral Therapy is another indispensable skill in the world of manual therapy. Pent up emotions are an important concept to consider when treating each patient for their presenting condition. Each organ harbours its own set of emotions which when addressed therapeutically enhance the overall therapy session and in some cases is the root of the problem. This course is the 1st of 7 in the Total VM series.

Thai Yoga Massage on Mat in the Supine Position

Course Date:  TBA, 2024 (4-day)


$1400.00 (GST included) per student


Get ready for this game changer. You will learn new ways to treat your patients and at the same time garner enhanced knowledge about how to save your body from excess wear and tear. This course really should be called "The Body-Saver Way".  This course is one of five instalments. There is a lot of information in Thai Massage to learn and master.  Join Joshua for this incredible journey of the original hands on therapy from the ancient east. Your patients will thank you!



** Full payment due by 60 days before class date. Payment non-refundable under 60 days before the course. Registration is non-interchangeable and non-refundable under 60 days before the course date. Thanks in advance!



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