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a painLESS you...

Let me ask you a question...

If you remember being a healthier you, how far would that take you back?


Maybe you're striving to be healthier right now and have tried a lot of things or you have lots of options and don't know what to choose.  All you know is that right now you don't want to feel the way you do any longer and all you want is a bit of help to get you there a little faster.  I only wish that I had gotten that kind of shortcut in my search when I wanted to improve my health a long time ago.

I've seen many cases over the years and I find that there's ONE large component missing with most people while they receive sessions with me.

I've developed a program that works alongside what I do, that with my help, you can feel more EMPOWERED in achieving the health lifestyle that can get you there.  If you've hit that brick wall in your health and want to get beyond it, call for a brief phone consultation to see if this program is the right fit for you.  And we'll get you started in your new lifestyle journey.


...if this totally harmonizes with you, let's work together and get you off to a healthy start, because it's really all about a pain-LESS YOU!


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“You won't regret having Josh treat you. His expertise in all areas, his dedication, as well as his ongoing concern with advice for your health and comfort, is paramount to him. I can say this with all sincerity because for the last four years he's been treating my various overall aches and pains which move around my very age-old body. Without his great care I know I wouldn't be as active as I am, and still hope to be for years to come. A very big and heartfelt 'thank you', Josh”.

-Joyce, Ontario

"Josh is an amazing health practitioner. He is knowledgeable, always learning new things, very caring and interested in his patient's health. I have tried many established health modalities over the years. Josh is a health practitioner that is head and shoulders above the rest. A true standout. I have benefitted greatly from his practice, knowledge and treatment."

-Ren, British Columbia

"Josh has been instrumental in improving health and vitality for my wife and I. Josh takes the time to explain why certain ailments creep up on us and provided relief with as little as one treatment. Consistent follow up treatments has continually improved our mobility to the point where exercise is fun again for us! I can’t say that it was an easy road at every turn, but Josh was there to guide and educate us when it was needed. Now that I am in the best shape I have been in for several years, Josh has even been kind enough to suggest exercises and stretches that will prevent future aches and pains from becoming unmanageable."

-Blake, British Columbia

“I am so very thankful for everything you have done to assist in my body healing.”

-Gloria, Ontario

"Thank you for all the info...I really appreciate this additional effort on your part to help us clients in trying to 'get better'!"

-Jan, British Columbia

"What a joy to be a client of Josh and Glenna's! Our entire family sees Josh on a regular basis and cannot be happier. The results from Josh's treatments have been amazing. Thank you, Ocean Osteopathy! Our family highly recommends your services!"

-Glen, British Columbia

Josh has been a very big help in helping to heal my children’s aches and pains. He takes the time to explain the source of the pain, his therapy and teaches stretching techniques to do at home and any alternate therapies we can explore.
Not only is he very knowledgeable, but also very friendly and easy to work with. You can tell he cares about his patients.
My children are learning so much about their bodies and that knowledge will follow them into their adult life.

- Maria , British Columbia

Josh was so patient, informative and effective.  As a parent I learned a great deal to practice at home and continue the healing process.

- Mediva, Washington

I didn't know what osteopathy was until my friend in Toronto told me how it has helped her injury and pain.  My search for my own osteopath led me to Josh.  I am very blessed to have found Josh, as he reduced two years of lower back pain my first treatmnt.  I knew before I left, Josh was going to help me find the root cause to my neck, back and other areas of pain and get me mobile again.  Josh is very knowledgeable and educates me on what is happening with my body and how he is treating it.  He sends me home with stretches that will help my recovery.  During my treatments, Josh uses cold laser on my lower back and other really sore spots, along with hands on treatments.  A few weeks ago, I dropped a full glass bottle on my foot and big toe.  The cold laser brought my pain froma n 8 to a 2 and it lasted days.  It will take a while for me to heal completely with the aid of the cold laser.  Josh is the only one who has cold laser and as well as treatments of all the therapists I have seen.  Josh is passionate about his work and helping people be more mobile, pain-free and get their lives back.  I wish I found Josh sooner.  My husband even noticed I can do more around the house the past few months.

- Sara G., British Columbia

Josh has helped me feel amazing and at my best.  His full body knowledge is impressive.  Will be  a lifelong client.

- Aman G., British Columbia

In July of 2017, an RMT referred me to Josh Lloyd. Since then I have been a regular patient at Ocean Osteopathy and Josh has helped to educate me on the importance of regular stretching, exercise and keeping active. In addition, having regular massage treatments with him have definitely assisted in better flexibility, less stiff and sore neck, shoulders and back, and improved sleep. I’m truly thankful to have such a caring, informative and professional practitioner as part of my health care!Thank you Josh and Glenna

- Debbie M, BC

There is no one I trust more that Josh to work on my body.  I'm a professional dancer with sometimes very unique and specific issues that I can always trust Josh will find and take care of.  He is very intuative and often will know where I am feling things before I tell him.  Besides being an amazing practitioner, Josh and his wife create a very supportive and comfortable environment for me to be able to relax in.  I am definitely a patient for life!

- Brodie M, BC

Thanks for the treatment yesterday. I had the best sleep in weeks and feel better overall. Please note what you did so we can do it again.

Thanks again for taking the extra time with me. I appreciate it.


- another happy patient :)

"All the work including the minor aggravations from treatment to help loosen up my hip joint that has plagued me with chronic pain over the past 5 years has really helped.  I am now able to resume and to continue with exercises that in the past were limiting due to the discomfort I was experiencing.  Thank you Josh."

- another happy patient :)

Absolutely undeniably incredible!  Joshua puts his heart and soul into his treatments.  He’s intuitive, he listens and most importantly, he’s respectful! He has a deep genuine caring nature about improving people’s lives and has such extensive knowledge that he’s able to get to the root of the problem. Joshua is skilled beyond what words can describe.  Where the medical field says your ailment can’t be helped, or it must be managed with medication, Joshua will treat the cause and help you learn how to get back to your vibrant self.  I’m grateful my friend said to trust her and ‘see Joshua at Ocean Osteopathy.”  I always walk away inspired and with more hope about recovering from a car accident that changed my life.


-Paula, British Columbia


- Paula, British Columbia

Thank you so much or taking time to share these valuable exercises.  Much appreciated!

- L.N., Surrey

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