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Join Josh to learn incredible techniques to improve your skill set and improve your treatment outcomes.

All courses approved by the CMTBC.

Emphasizing small class sizes for quality education purposes.

Table Thai Massage

worth 14 CECs for CMTBC

Traditionally, Thai Massage is performed on a floor mat but many therapists have requested that the same approach be adapted to their treatment table. Some patients need more stretching to improve their functional mobility. In this style of manual therapy the practitioner utilizes many different stretching, rocking, oscillating techniques, combined with acupressure pressure points to help with mobility issues. One unique aspect about this course which separates it from all others, is the amount of myofascial mechanoreceptor stimulation to the patient's CNS thereby affecting chronic pain and dysfunctional muscle patterns. Thai massage sessions are done without the use oils, with the patient wearing comfortable, loose clothing. Your patients will absolutley benefit from the techniques this course has to offers!

Muscle Energy Techniques for the Cervical Spine

worth 14 CECs for CMTBC

Do you have patients who suffer from a chronic neck stiffness that just doesn't seem to go away? ROM problems?Do you have patients with headaches which seem to keep coming back? Start applying muscle energy techniques in your practice.Your patients will appreciate you even more once you've taken this enlightening cervical spine course. Learn specific assessment, myofascial and articular release techniques. Joshua will help you to achieve excellent therapeutic results for your growing practise and patients in dire need. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the cervical region.

Thoracic Spine

Earn 14 CECs for RMTs

Ever had a patient who complaint of mid back, rib or neck pain? And then you noticed that they have a scoliosis present? Joshua will teach how to become confident and knowledable within the thoracic region. The techniques taught in this course are very important to learn and add to your examination and treatment protocol (following up with the Lumbar Spine course). Your patients will thank you for helping them with their nagging interscapular pain.

Lumbar Spine

Earn 14 CECs for RMTs

How many patients have you had state that their low back is their main complaint? The lumbar spine is very important to examine and treat since it is often involved with sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Joshua teaches how to examine and treat the lumbar region effectively. Gain indispensable knowledge about how to distinguish between a disc herniation versus a mechanical cause. The examination and treatment techniques in this course are invaluable!

Pelvis and Sacriliac Joints

Earn 14 CECs for RMTs

Have you ever asked your patient point to where they feel pain and they indicated the sacral region? The importance of having good proper training for the pelvic region is esp. This couse is aimed at simplifying this complex region of the human body. Joshua will teach you how to properly examine and treat the pelvis with confidence and competence.


Muscle Energy Technique for the Cervical Spine (2-day), TBA 2017
Table Thai Massage (2-day), TBA 2017
10 Step Protocol (1-day), TBA 2017
Thoracic Spine (2-day), TBA 2017
Lumbar Spine (2-day), TBA 2017
Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joints (2-day), TBA 2017
Check here. Full Payment of due by one month before class date. Thanks in advance!
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