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Josh Lloyd, Osteopathic Practitioner DO(MP)

"When I was very young, anatomy was very fascinating to me. I would marvel at the colourful pictures with all the complicated words and pointing arrows. I knew that time my future would be with understanding anatomy". 

"I have many interests in life, one of which is the amazing ways in which the human body can be activated to improve its condition, whatever that condition may be."

The osteopathic mantra is: Maximum Precision, Minimal Force

which is the exactly what the body needs to begin to activate its innate healing abilities.

"I have dedicated my life up to this point in helping others to attain better health through natural means. I cannot think of another way for me to positively impact others into a healthier state of living. I would encourage you to do everything you presently know how to stay strong and healthy. I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones soon."


“You won't regret having Josh treat you. His expertise in all areas, his dedication, as well as his ongoing concern with advice for your health and comfort, is paramount to him. I can say this with all sincerity because for the last four years he's been treating my various overall aches and pains which move around my very age-old body. Without his great care I know I wouldn't be as active as I am, and still hope to be for years to come. A very big and heartfelt 'thank you', Josh”.

Joyce, Ontario

“I am so very thankful for everything you have done to assist in my body healing.”

Gloria, Ontario

"Thank you for all the info...I really appreciate this additional effort on your part to help us clients in trying to 'get better'!"

Jan, British Columbia

"Josh is an amazing health practitioner. He is knowledgeable, always learning new things, very caring and interested in his patient's health. I have tried many established health modalities over the years. Josh is a health practitioner that is head and shoulders above the rest. A true standout. I have benefitted greatly from his practice, knowledge and treatment."

Ren, British Columbia

Biography - Ocean Osteopathy in Surrey, BC
Ocean Osteopathy

Ocean Osteopathy
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